ion_bpp_h_node_tag Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ion_bpp_h_node_tag:

Public Attributes

ion_file_handle_t fp
int keySize
ion_bpp_bool_t dupKeys
int sectorSize
ion_bpp_comparison_t comp
ion_bpp_buffer_t root
ion_bpp_buffer_t bufList
void * malloc1
void * malloc2
ion_bpp_buffer_t gbuf
unsigned int maxCt
int ks
ion_bpp_address_t nextFreeAdr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 133 of file bpp_tree.c.

Member Data Documentation

ion_bpp_buffer_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::bufList

Definition at line 140 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_comparison_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::comp

Definition at line 138 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_buffer_t* ion_bpp_h_node_tag::curBuf

Definition at line 144 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_key_t* ion_bpp_h_node_tag::curKey

Definition at line 145 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_bool_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::dupKeys

Definition at line 136 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_file_handle_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::fp

Definition at line 134 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_buffer_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::gbuf

Definition at line 143 of file bpp_tree.c.

int ion_bpp_h_node_tag::keySize

Definition at line 135 of file bpp_tree.c.

int ion_bpp_h_node_tag::ks

Definition at line 147 of file bpp_tree.c.

void* ion_bpp_h_node_tag::malloc1

Definition at line 141 of file bpp_tree.c.

void* ion_bpp_h_node_tag::malloc2

Definition at line 142 of file bpp_tree.c.

unsigned int ion_bpp_h_node_tag::maxCt

Definition at line 146 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_address_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::nextFreeAdr

Definition at line 148 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_buffer_t ion_bpp_h_node_tag::root

Definition at line 139 of file bpp_tree.c.

int ion_bpp_h_node_tag::sectorSize

Definition at line 137 of file bpp_tree.c.

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