ion_bpp_buffer_tag Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ion_bpp_buffer_tag:

Public Attributes

struct ion_bpp_buffer_tagnext
struct ion_bpp_buffer_tagprev
ion_bpp_address_t adr
ion_bpp_bool_t valid
ion_bpp_bool_t modified

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file bpp_tree.c.

Member Data Documentation

ion_bpp_address_t ion_bpp_buffer_tag::adr

Definition at line 114 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_bool_t ion_bpp_buffer_tag::modified

Definition at line 117 of file bpp_tree.c.

struct ion_bpp_buffer_tag* ion_bpp_buffer_tag::next

Definition at line 112 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_node_t* ion_bpp_buffer_tag::p

Definition at line 115 of file bpp_tree.c.

struct ion_bpp_buffer_tag* ion_bpp_buffer_tag::prev

Definition at line 113 of file bpp_tree.c.

ion_bpp_bool_t ion_bpp_buffer_tag::valid

Definition at line 116 of file bpp_tree.c.

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